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Numbers of Roses

Using flowers, especially roses to convey messages dear to the heart has been a tradition established over several centuries. And as the complexity of the emotions increased, people sought ways to add new meanings to flowers. Some flowers are given in various combinations to depict totally different meanings.

There are also meanings hidden in the number of roses exchanged between people. Some of these meanings have been derived from visual significance, while some have caught on from popular stories and myths. Our comprehensive guide to the numbers and meanings of roses is your resource for rose interpretation.

1 Roses On a first date, a single rose symbolises love at first sight.
It can also be given in years to come to say, "I still love you."
2 Roses Mutual feelings, especially if they are red in color speak of two people who are deeply in love and together form their own happy little world.
3 Roses Representing the couple and their shared love, a bouquet of three roses is traditional one month anniversary gift. ( I love You )
6 Roses Whether it's a school crush or a more mature passion, six roses symbolizes infatuation.
( I wanna be yours )
9 Roses To send the message "We'll be together forever," send a bouquet of nine roses. ( Everlasting Love )
10 Roses Let them know that their love is perfection with a bouquet of ten roses.
11 Roses Your the one that is most important in my life. ( Only you in my heart )
12 Roses A perfect dozen shouts ( Be mine! )
13 Roses Tell someone that they'll be your friend forever with a bouquet of thirteen roses. ( Friendship forever )
15 Roses Need to let someone know that you're sorry? Send them fifteen roses. ( Forgive Me )
20 Roses Send the message "my feelings for you are truly sincere" with a bouquet of twenty roses.
21 Roses Twenty-one roses say, "I'm committed to you."
24 Roses Cant stop thinking about you, 24/7.
25 Roses Send a message of happiness with twenty-five roses.
36 Roses I will remember our romantic moments
40 Roses Forty roses says, "my love for you is genuine."
44 Roses Till death do us apart.
50 Roses To express a love that knows no bounds, send a bouquet that's equally as limitless - filled with fifty (or more) beautiful luxurious roses. ( Unconditional love )
99 Roses I'll love you forever.
100 Roses Signify a happy union of two loving souls till death or till a hundred years.
101 Roses You are my one and only one.
108 Roses Will you marry me?
365 Roses Can't stop thinking about you, each and everyday / Speak of a love that has remained constant and true throughout the year
999 Roses My love will last till the end of time ( Everlasting and eternal love )
1001 Roses Infinite love / Speak of a faithful love that will live on forever.

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