• Prices of products are changed from time to time according to current market price.
  • Kindly arrange the payment soonest possible after placing order(s) to avoid changes on prices and to reserve materials/stock to avoid any short supply.
  • Prices do not include fees that may be charged by your bank (E.g. Bank charges, overseas transaction fees etc.). Please contact your bank directly for inquiries. As these charges is not imposed by us but bank, we will not consider it as 'our charges' for products and services.
  • During the super peak season specifically Valentine’s period (9th Feb to 16th Feb), due to the high demand worldwide, the flower cost especially Roses will be increased multi-fold. Hence, Nieldelia Florist & Gifts reserved the right to increase price accordingly during the Valentine’s Day period.
  • Product pictures are shown for illustration purpose only. Fresh cut flowers might not fully bloom upon delivery.
  • The color tones and sizes of flower buds might be slightly different from the pictures shown, depending on how the flowers are grown.
  • The design and materials used for flowers and gifts might not be exactly the same, compared with the pictures shown on our website.
  • However, the value of the products is equivalent to items ordered.
. Charges
  • Delivery charges are imposed based on delivery address. (E.g.: If 3 different products are delivered to 1 address, it is only charged for one delivery point.)
  • If recipient is not at the point of delivery or the products cannot be delivered or an incorrect recipient address (for any reason) is given, re-delivery charges are imposed for each subsequent attempt to deliver the orders.
  • Additional delivery charges will also be imposed for the delivery which is out of our normal delivery time. (E.g : around 8:00pm).
  • It might be subject to products touch up fees if sender or recipient decided to delay the delivery (e.g. day after or few days later) after production done.
  • Delivery charges are imposed to collect cards or special gift items from customer to be delivered together with flower ordered.
  Delivery Practice
  • Our standard delivery time is from 10am to 5pm. Delivery time after 5pm to 12am incurs extra delivery charge. Kindly WhatsApp us at 013 288 9497 to enquiry the delivery charge and make the arrangement.
  • If specific delivery time (e.g. 10am to 10.30am/ 2pm to 3pm) is required, kindly check with us before placing order. We reserved the right not to do any refund if we unable to accommodate your delivery time request. Extra delivery charge may be imposed for specific delivery time.
  • Our delivery team will only try the best to deliver the products to the named recipient directly.
  • We might deliver the products to receptionist/colleague/neighbour/family member/representative/security post/friend/doorstep if the targeted recipient is not available or busy at the specified address provided during delivery.
  Cancellation of Orders / Refund
  • There is no refund upon completion of production or production of the flowers prepared. Production will be done either the day before or on the day of delivery specified by sender.
  • Unsuccessful delivery due to incorrect details provided will be no refunded. Sender/Recipient will be contacted to make an alternative arrangement.
  • Order Cancel/on hold by sender before we proceed the order:
    • If sender decides to refund, admin charges of 20% will be deducted (during refund) from the total payment made.
    • If sender decides to hold the credit balance, new order has to be arranged by sender within 14 days (from the day we receive confirmation from sender) to utilize the full credit balance in 1 order.
    • If we are unable to get any feedback from sender on how to utilize the credit balance, we will hold the credit balance for 7 days from the payment date. After this period of time, credit balance is forfeited.
  • If the order is cancelled by us: Full refund
  • If sender had made the payment but actual delivery address is out of our delivery coverage area, admin charges of 20% will be deducted (during refund) from the total payment made.
  • Refund will be done within 14 working days from the day banking details
  Complaint / Feedback
  • In the event of complaint or feedback, kindly provide the product pictures (clear & close-up shot on defect item) immediately once received the items via e-mail or latest to be 12 hours from the time we delivered the products in order for us to initiate the investigation as most of our products are perishable.
  • Kindly keeping the products in original packaging/layout and do not proceed with any alteration/remove/dispose of structure/ingredient on it for us to investigate (We might need to collecting back the product delivered) the cause of issue. Sorry to informed that to be fair with all parties, we reserved the right of not to investigate/compensate any complaints submitted if the products been removed/altered/disposed by recipient or we only received the complaint/feedback 12 hours after the time product delivered.
  • During the investigation, we might contact sender and recipient for further information/discussion. We will look into each case and reserve the right for the conclusion.
  • If we do not hear from you within 12 hours from the time products delivered, we take that the products are delivered in good order.