Why Do People Buy Flower?

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Flower is a product of nature, but also the embodiment of beauty, or warm, elegant, or strong aromatic, or delicate, and beautiful. It is an appropriate gift to your friends, family, and couple. In spite of that, flower conveys meaning and says something to other people. People buy flower to convey messages, one message is usually intended to say something from the giver to the receiver, something like “I care for you” or “I hope you feel better soon” or “we’re here for you”.

Hence, we are here to offer flowers to all of you. Nieldelia Florist & Gifts is an online florist in KL; therefore we are able to offer cheaper and affordable prices to our customers. We provide variety of flower arrangements for different occasions such as birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, opening ceremony, funeral, wedding, and get well. In addition, we are also providing customization service where our skilled florists can create a custom arrangement for your special occasion.

Other than that, a combination of plush toy and flower bouquet is available at our online florist and gift shop. By offering this combination, you can save your time and money on searching a gift / a plush toy at a retail store or at a shopping mall. We can consider as an online gift shop in KL in directly. In future, different kinds of gifts will be offered for your selection.   Busy with your work? We also offer flower delivery service to your doorstep in KL areas. For certain KL areas, we have no extra charge on the delivery and we will try to fulfill customers’ delivery time request in order to maximize customers’ satisfaction. In contrast, for other KL areas which require delivery fee, we only impose a minimal charge.  

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